Christie Team Digging Deeper Hole in Pension Fund Scandals

Naked Capitalism has the article Christie Team Digging Deeper Hole in Pension Fund Scandals.  What caught my eye was the connection to Charlie Baker.

To give a very short summary of Sirota’s biggest current story, the IBT journalist has uncovered questionable connections with two prominent figures, Charlie Baker, who is a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts, and former New Jersey pension fund chief Robert Grady.

First, a short background on the Baker story: Sirota showed how that Baker made a $10,000 donation to the New Jersey Republican Party shortly before Christie officials gave Baker’s firm a pension management contract. That donation ran afoul of the Garden State’s pay-to-play rules that bar contributions from executives and partners of entities that manage state pension funds.

New Jersey launched an investigation into Sirota’s charges and announced that as a result, it was exiting the contract with Baker’s firm.

The article does provide a link to The Boston Globe article Baker denies connection between donation, investment.  I leave it up to you to decide if The Boston Globe article gives this story all the coverage you need to know as you decide whether or not to vote for Charlie Baker as our next governor.

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