The New York Times Claims that Opposing EU Austerity Leads to Anti-Semitism

New Economic Perspectives has the article The New York Times Claims that Opposing EU Austerity Leads to Anti-Semitism by William Black.

It turns out that opposition to austerity is a key cause of Anti-Semitism – at least in the imagination of NYT reporters.

“With Europe still shaking from a populist backlash against fiscal austerity, some Jews speak of feeling politically isolated, without an ideological home.”

That sentence is odd on multiple dimensions. First, there is the question of what is “shaking” Europe. The NYT thinks it is opposition to austerity – not austerity – that is “shaking” Europe. That reverses reality. The troika’s infliction of austerity forced the Eurozone back into a gratuitous Second Great Recession and much of periphery into a gratuitous Second Great Depression. It has now pushed Italy into a third recession and the eurozone as a whole into “stagnation” – eight years after the bubbles burst and six years after the most acute phase of the financial crisis. Eurozone austerity is one of the great crimes against humanity.

This is just another reason why I have trouble understanding why Jews of any foresight would still believe in The New York Times, fiscal austerity, or any Ayn Rand philosophy extolling the greed of oligarchs.

The realization the other day that fundamentalist Muslims seem to be the most adamant opponents of the ills caused by unfettered capitalism, leads me to the following transition.

It is one thing to want to support Israel, but when it comes to turning a blind eye to the cause of the Palestinians, we are treading dangerously near to being on the wrong side of the class war. The support for Israel and the resultant blame put on the Palestinians sounds to me too remarkably close to the arguments of the 1% against the 99% in this country and the world in general.

If you blame the downtrodden for all of their problems without realizing who is doing the treading, then you may be on the wrong side of the argument. Whatever little logic you may have on your side will be hardly noticed when the downtrodden finally rise up.

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