Syncing Your Android Calendar With Your Online Google Calendar

For a long time it has annoyed me that the events that I put into my calendar on my Android Tablet do not get synced up with the online Google calendar.  When I am sitting at my computer and get notice of a new event, I have to find my tablet to even see if the event conflicts with my schedule.

So today, I decided I was going to solve the problem.  All the settings on the tablet were already set to sync up calendars.  In fact events that I scheduled online, do appear in my tablet’s calendar.  It just does not seem to work the other way.

I searched the internet for a hint.  I found the article Calendar entries sync only one way! With 162 posts by 139 authors, I found a trail that led me to the solution.  However, I  did not find an answer that told you what the simple problem was and what was the easiest way to  fix it.  So I added what I discovered.  I don’t know if people will find the answer buried among all the other answers.

The problem is that by default on the calendar app on my tablet (the app that came with the tablet, I think), you schedule events in “My Calendar”.  If you want them to appear in the online calendar, you have to put them into the calendar that you have set yourself up to sync with.  Once you have made this discovery, this calendar app allows you to edit existing events and change the calendar that they are in from “My Calendar” to your online calendar.  The app itself is set up by default (I think) to display the events in all the calendars that it knows about.

Since it all seems to work by default locally on the app from the start, you may never have thought to look in the drop-down menu of all the calendars that you could schedule the event in.  Certainly none of the documentation I found about syncing ever mentioned that you have to put the events in the right calendar.  It is so obvious, that I guess nobody thought to mention it.  Note that none of the 138 authors that contributed to this thread in the online forum mentioned above seemed to be aware of the simplest reason why syncing seemed to be one-way.

Oh, by the way, the official Google Calendar app that was recommended in the above thread does not allow you to change existing events from “My Calendar” to the online one.  After I discovered that the old calendar app did allow such changes, I uninstalled the official Google Calendar app and put the old  one back on the home page of my tablet.

October 11, 2014

I found that sync had stopped working. I reinstalled the official Google Calendar app. It did the sync ok. Looking at the calendar with either app, after the sync showed all the events that it should have.

I am hoping that the official calendar app will continue to automatically sync the calendar, but I am going to continue to use the other calendar app to view and create events.

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