Wendy Davis slams Greg Abbott as she addresses wheelchair ad attacks

The Daily Kos has the article with the odd headline Wendy Davis slams Greg Abbott on MSNBC ignoring wheelchair ad attacks.

They featured the video below which seems to me to be better suited to my headline than theirs.

Wendy Davis refuses to let the false righteous indignation by the traditional MSM about her searing Greg Abbott wheelchair add to deter her from telling the truth about his hypocrisy.

Wendy Davis drives the narrative unapologetically on Greg Abbott’s hypocrisy.

Wendy Davis used the segment MSNBC attempted to use to question her ad as a platform where she enumerated Greg Abbott’s hypocrisy as well as his contempt for Texans disregarding their needs in favor of the wants of the few well-connected.

Do you think that Texans will be able to figure this out? Any Texans care to answer?

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