Elizabeth Warren about Martha Coakley: “Who is on your side?”

Thanks for Carol Goodwin for bringing this to my attention. Martha Coakley’s campaign has the web page Senator Warren asks, who is on your side?

“While Martha was out there, doing the work on behalf of people across this Commonwealth, well what Charlie was doing, largely, was firing people and outsourcing jobs.” -Senator Elizabeth Warren

On the YouTube post, it says:

While Charlie Baker outsourced jobs, Martha Coakley helped save 30,000 homes in Massachusetts. Together, we can set the record straight, on which candidate for governor will spend every day fighting for you and your family. Watch this video and share.

Most people are in denial about the class war that the oligarchs of the world are waging against the rest of us. For those few who are even aware that such a war is going on, some of them don’t seem to know which side is their own side.

For those in the 99% who think they are high enough up that they can afford to ally themselves with the top 1%, they just don’t seem to get how happy the 1% would be to go after the wealth of the 90% to 99%, after they suck all the wealth out of the 0% to 89%. Who do they think is going to stand with them when the top 1% comes after their money?

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