Warren’s Challenge to Clinton

The American Prospect has the article Warren’s Challenge to Clinton: A more insurgent campaign, like the one Elizabeth Warren waged for the Senate, could make Hillary Clinton a stronger candidate by Robert Kuttner. This is an updated version of an article they have previously published (and maybe something I already blogged about).

There is a good analysis of Warren’s possible moves.  Although it does leave out any consideration for what may happen if the Republican’s take over the Senate in 2016.   The ramifications of this possibility were brought up in an article I blogged about in my previous post 6 reasons Elizabeth Warren should run for president.

One of the things that struck me in Kuttner’s piece was the following quote:

Populism is damned in some quarters as demagogic, but there is a progressive brand of populism epitomized by Franklin Roosevelt that mobilizes the frustration of regular Americans against elites, in an entirely salutary form of class warfare. Progressive populism has been in short supply lately.

In my tirades on “the class war” that you will see from time to time on this blog, I am aiming for “an entirely salutary form of class warfare”.  Hence the need to bring this up explicitly.

Not all people in the top 1% are waging class warfare against us.  However, the people who are not waging the war present no significant obstacle to the ones that are waging it.  If we should be so fortunate as to win a couple of battles in this war and start to turn the tide, let us not go off the deep end.  This is not even a war against the oligarchic people.  It is a war against what they are doing to us.  If we  can build in enough protections against the bad behavior like this country did in the aftermath of the Great Depression and World War II, then there would be no need for further punishment of the oligarchs.

In a casual retelling of the aftermath of World War I, we tried stringent punishment to hold Germany down so that they would not repeat what happened.  That effort totally backfired.  We must not dehumanize our enemies as they would dehumanize us.

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