26-Year Old Founder of U.S. UnCut Sends Open Letter To Democrats On Young Voter Disillusion

The Daily Kos has the article 26-Year Old Founder of U.S. UnCut Sends Open Letter To Democrats On Young Voter Disillusion.

Contrast the unified Republican message with the profound silence from you Democrats on addressing the trillion-dollar student debt crisis, rampant inequality and underemployment, and your collective fear of openly embracing economic populism, and you cook up what we saw on Tuesday night. Older people showed up, highly motivated to elect war hawks. Younger people mostly stayed home, disillusioned with the only alternative on the ballot who didn’t even talk about the issues affecting our lives every day.
You Democrats, on the other hand, looked pitiful in the year leading up to the midterms. You didn’t seem to stand for anything in particular, you just pointed the finger at the other guy, told us they were bad, and that you weren’t like them. That’s not enough. Take a risk, be bold. Get behind Elizabeth Warren’s 0.75 percent interest rate for student loans. Allow student debt to be abolished with bankruptcy. Push for single-payer healthcare, or at the very least a public health insurance option. Need some catchy buzzwords? Try “affordable education,” “good jobs,” and “healthy families.”

What Hillary Clinton plan are they clamoring for? Oh, that’s right, they didn’t say diddly about any kind of Clinton.  Apparently they do get excited about Elizabeth Warren’s plans for student debt relief.

I wonder how the Democrats will ever figure out what the millenials want?  Do you suppose they would think of reading the open letters written to them?  Nah, too easy.  Let’s survey how well the things we want to emphasize do with this generation.  What words can we use to sell them on our ideas?

One of the millenials I speak to tells me that what his age group really wants is bipartisanship and centrism.  Funny that the letter didn’t mention any of that.

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