Why Democrats Can’t Win Over White Working-Class Voters

Slate has the article Why Democrats Can’t Win Over White Working-Class Voters. I’ll give you the ending paragraph to think about as you read the article.

But the United States doesn’t have a political party to support that kind of social democracy. Instead, it has the Democratic Party, a collection of disparate interests which—at its best—is nervous about economic liberalism and hesitant to push anything outside the mainstream. And worse, it has a presidential frontrunner who—more than anyone else—is connected to the kinds of elites and the kinds of policies that would push the party away from the muscular liberalism it needs.

From the tone of the comments (and even the article itself) it seems people are still wondering.

For those that are wondering what the Democrats ever did to convince the white folk that the Democrats don’t care, why not think about this?  During the Obama administration, the incomes and wealth of the bottom 90% or income earners declined.  This is the first time in recent history where this decline kept happening during a “recovery” of which the Democrats are so proud.

Obama’s refusal to even charge a single criminal executive in the financial sector only made the great shift of wealth to the wealthy seem more unfair.  Oh sure the corporations that were defrauded by their high ranking executives were made to pay fines, but those executives didn’t pay a nickel.  They got to keep the great transfer of wealth that came their way.  The share holders got to pay the fines.  Worse yet, the corporations took tax deductions for the fines so that the tax payers had to pay more in taxes to make up for what the corporations got to deduct.

The front runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination is closely related politically with these fraudsters, Do people really think she will help them recover from their declining wages and wealth?  Her husband was the great welfare cutter, budget balancer, and financial fraud promoter.  Perhaps some working class sense that what Clinton did is not helping them at all.


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