President Obama Delivers an Address to the Nation on Immigration

The Whitehouse has put the video President Obama Delivers an Address to the Nation on YouTube.

President Obama lays out the new steps he’s taking to fix our broken immigration system. Watch the address live on November 20th at 8pmET and learn more at

This is a test for our nation. Can we all put aside our personal animosities, and come together to do what is best for our country?

The answer is in your hands, by what you tell your representatives in Congress to do.

President's thoughts in a nutshell

As for cracking down on companies who hire undocumented workers, I have been promoting the solution Immigrant Work Status Verification since 2006. I have been retired from my career as software engineer for 8 years. I could implement the proposed solution even with my rusty skills at software engineering.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has just posted a response on Facebook.

I was proud to vote for bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate, but House Republicans have refused to even allow a vote on the bill for over a year. I support the President’s decision to do what he can under the law to keep millions of families together, to help scores of businesses, and to patch up this broken system. Congress still needs to step up – but if Republicans in Congress won’t do their jobs, it’s time for the President to do his.

I will let Senator Warren speak for me on this issue, because she does it so well.

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