Merkley: Let’s end outrageous tax loopholes that ship our jobs overseas

I don’t think Oregon’s Senator Merkley is as well known back here in Massachusetts’ as our own Senator Elizabeth Warren is. I’d like to correct any impression that there might be that Elizabeth Warren is alone in this fight. Or that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the only two in the Senate fighting for progressive principles.

I found another YouTube video Merkley: Let’s end outrageous tax loopholes that ship our jobs overseas.

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley addressed the Senate on July 23, 2014, in support of a bill being debated that would bring back manufacturing jobs to Oregon and to all of the United States. Senator Merkley is an original cosponsor of the Bring Jobs Home Act, which would close tax loopholes that subsidize corporations for moving their operations overseas and create new tax incentives for companies that bring jobs back to America.

Senator Merkley adds some facts that offsets some of the statistics that people use to make you think that the situation is improving more than it actually is.

In an economy while jobs have been returning, quality, living wage jobs remain elusive. Indeed 60% of the jobs that we lost in 2008 and 2009 were living wage jobs, and in the jobs we are getting back only 40% of those are living wage jobs.

So when even some Democrats would like to blow their own horns about how the economy is recovering by counting the number of people finding work, remember that not all jobs are created equal. If someone lost a living wage job and had to replace it with a minimum wage job, that is not recovery.

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