No Senate vote yet on $1.1 trillion spending bill

CBS News has some good news in the article No Senate vote yet on $1.1 trillion spending bill.

It will be Monday at the earliest before the Senate votes on a $1.1 trillion government funding bill passed by the House on Thursday night.
At least 60 senators must agree to end debate on the larger spending package and move toward a vote of the full Senate — a procedure called cloture. A cloture vote will likely take place very early Sunday morning, setting up a final vote Monday.

Do I have to eat humble pie and say thank goodness I didn’t get what I wished for, the end of the filibuster rule?  So it only takes 41 Senators to put a halt to this obscene piece of legislation.  Wow, how lucky we still have that crazy rule.  It may save our bacon at least until the Republicans take over the Senate in 2015.

Whatever good you can say that President Obama has done during his term, he has only been playing around the periphery of the central problem.  Until we solve the central problem of the takeover of our government by the super wealthy oligarchs, then little progress can be made.  Obama is not even in the fight over the central problem.  I don’t think he even sees it as a problem.

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