Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses

The New York Times has the editorial Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses.

Starting a criminal investigation is not about payback; it is about ensuring that this never happens again and regaining the moral credibility to rebuke torture by other governments. Because of the Senate’s report, we now know the distance officials in the executive branch went to rationalize, and conceal, the crimes they wanted to commit. The question is whether the nation will stand by and allow the perpetrators of torture to have perpetual immunity for their actions.

I found the link to the editorial in the Politicus USA article New York Times Editorial Calls for Investigation and Prosecution of Torturers in Bush Administration.

Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the Republicans want to impeach Obama for things that are probably not even criminal, let alone high crimes (and misdemeanors), but President Obama is unwilling, so far, to investigate the war crimes of the Republicans in a previous administration?    If they were truly conservative, the Republicans would be considering impeachment for Obama for not even calling for a special prosecutor of war crimes committed by our government, its elected officials, and its employees.

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