U.S. economic growth soars, reaches 11-year high

The Rachel Maddow Show Blog has the article U.S. economic growth soars, reaches 11-year high.

As a progressive/liberal voter, nothing makes me more angry at the Democrats when I see articles like  this one.  I left a comment on the web site for this article.

Ironically, the Republicans understand what is going on, and it is the Democrats who stubbornly refuse to face reality.  Sure the aggregate numbers like GDP and unemployment look great.  The Democrats refuse to acknowledge that this great resurgence is only for the top 10% of income earners.  The bottom 90% have seen no recovery.  How galling they must think it is for the Democrats to keep touting all they have done for the economy when the bottom 90% are getting jobs with lower wages and their home mortgages are still under water.

It makes no difference how often Democrats repeat these numbers, and think the bottom 90% are dumb for not appreciating what the Dems have done to them.  Obama’s recent message from the White House was that now it is time to do something for the bottom 90%.  I can imagine someone in that bottom 90% thinking “NOW you are going to do something for the bottom 90%?  You took great care of the super rich for over 6 years, and only NOW do you think it is time to do something for the bottom 90%?  You could have put those bank crooks in jail and bailed out the rest of us, but NOOO, you had  to make sure the crooks got the bailout.  The federal housing agencies refused to give mortgage relief to the bottom 90%, but you made sure the wealthy didn’t suffer too much from the housing collapse.”

The Democrats are completely tone deaf, and Rachell Maddow and her ilk aren’t helping when they refuse to recognize the problem.  Instead they are busy trying to prove that our own lying eyes are what is wrong if we don’t see how good things are.

I have been saying all along on this blog that the Democrats don’t tout their accomplishments enough in the face of all the negativism from the Republicans.  However, I was talking about real accomplishments that need the touting.  You can’t make this stuff up and think people will buy it.  You have to tout real accomplishments that people can see.  You can’t sell them stuff that their own experience tells them is not true.

If the Democrats continue to live in La La Land, they are never going to win majority positions in our government.

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