Progressives Seek Control Of The Democratic Party

Talking Points Memo has the article Progressives Seek Control Of The Democratic Party.

Progressive advocates see the next two years through the prism of the coming 2016 race. They want Democrats to use their minority to lay down a sweeping populist agenda for the country ahead of the election, which could include breaking up the big banks, a major clean energy jobs bill or investments in education to let college students graduate debt free.

This is almost enough to make me think that change is possible.  Who would have thought that the constant promotion of progressive values by the likes of Elizabeth Warren could make so much change in the Democratic Party in such a short time?  I would have, that’s who.  I have been urging Democrats to promote progressive ideas as hard as the Republicans push their regressive ideas.  In fact I have been saying that to get the truth through the barrage of false attacks, the truth must be spoken at least twice as often as the lies.

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