Scott Fullwiler: Paul Krugman—The Conscience of a Neo-Liberal?

Naked Capitalism has the post Scott Fullwiler: Paul Krugman—The Conscience of a Neo-Liberal? published on March 28, 2011.  This is one of the best counter-attacks on Paul Krugman’s attempts to discredit MMT that I have read. It is not just a  counterattack, but it is also an explanation of a lot of MMT. Your mileage may vary.  So this is another one of the posts that I make purely for my own benefit in recording the location of the article.

The article concluded with the following:

To conclude by way of reiterating the main point here, one need not agree with MMT that the three assumptions Krugman makes are incorrect. The overarching problem is that Krugman has simply assumed the Neo-Liberal macroeconomic model is correct and the MMT view is incorrect. This is far different from actually demonstrating that MMT is incorrect, which Krugman has yet to even attempt.

By the way, I stumbled across this article while wending my way through some of the links in the article of my previous post Is It Time for MMT To Become Mainstream to Save Us from the Second Global Financial Crisis of the Millennium?

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