Moderate Dems angry that Warren liberals are raining on their pro-biz parade

The Daily Kos has the article Moderate Dems angry that Warren liberals are raining on their pro-biz parade.  More importantly, this is a discussion of the Politico article Dem moderates, liberals lash out over Dodd-Frank.  The quotes are from the original Politico article.

Tension reached a boiling point during a closed-door caucus meeting Wednesday over the party’s stance toward Wall Street banks, according to multiple sources at the meeting.

Liberal Massachusetts Rep. Mike Capuano incensed the moderates when he said if Democrats support rolling back Dodd-Frank regulations, “you might as well be a Republican.”

Good on you Mike. I always though that Mike Capuano should have been the original Democrat to run against Scott Brown  after Ted Kennedy died.

The vocal infighting highlights the growing divide between the large bloc of “Warren liberals” and the dwindling number of moderate Democrats — a fight that will likely continue next week when Republicans make their second attempt to change the controversial Dodd-Frank law.

There are signs of hope for the Democratic party.

Later talking about a meeting with the “moderates” the article quotes the following:

A Democratic aide, who was in the meeting, said the members also brought up concerns about the government spending bill that passed in December and the lack of pro-business messaging in the mid-term elections.

So the issue is that the progressives aren’t pro-business enough.

Yes the two wings of the party do need to hash out these differences in caucus meetings.  There is some value in a pro-business point of view if you carefully define what business you are pro.  The crooks on Wall Street are not the businesses to favor.

The Progressive wing needs to understand the parts of the moderates’ message that have merit, and I think they do.  Elizabeth Warren has said many pro-business things about businesses that actually contribute to the functioning of the society.  When she says we need to rebuild the infrastructure, who do the moderates think are going to get the contracts to do the work?  It will be private businesses.

The moderates have to come to an understanding of the pathologies in their own position.  Gutting Dodd-Frank is not pro honest business, it is pro crook.  If the moderates don’t get this, then they ought to become Republicans.

This is an argument being fought among some Democrats here in Sturbridge.

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