DFA [almost] Live: Bernie Sanders issues call to action

Democracy For America arranged a conference call with Bernie Sanders a few days ago. I participated in DFA Live: Bernie Sanders issues call to action. Below is an excerpt from an email I just received from DFA.

“Will you run for president in 2016?”

That’s the first question that Democracy for America Executive Director Charles Chamberlain asked Senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday night’s DFA Live call — the question that everyone is wondering about. And here’s what Sen. Sanders said:

“I’m giving it very serious consideration, but for a decision of that magnitude and what it means to one’s family and friends, one has to make sure you can do it well. We are reaching out all over the country to determine if we can put together a grassroots organization.

If we do run, we will be taking on the billionaire class and all the big money interests, including the Koch brothers. We have to determine what kind of support is out there and if there is a willingness to mix it up with the big money interests.”

More than 3,200 DFA members signed up for the call and asked some very incisive and compelling questions: How will we repeal Citizens United? How can we expand Social Security and raise the minimum wage? What will it take to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal? And so on.

This is the very statement that made me realize that we might be better of spending our draft Elizabeth Warren efforts on Bernie Sanders instead.

Listen to the whole session below:

Here is a candidate who seems able to benefit from our efforts. Our efforts to draft someone who has never expressed interest in running for President seems less useful when their is an excellent alternative. If I didn’t think that Bernie Sanders was an excellent alternative, I would keep up my efforts to draft Elizabeth Warren.

If you want to contribute, here is the link to ActBlue contribution page associated with DFA and the conference call.

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