Nancy Pelosi in Cuba: ‘Great enthusiasm’ in Congress to end embargo

I just received an email from Rep. Jim McGovern about the trip reported in the Politico article Nancy Pelosi in Cuba: ‘Great enthusiasm’ in Congress to end embargo.

Here is Jim’s letter.

Congressman Jim McGovern

Friend —

Last week, I visited Cuba with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and six of our colleagues in Congress. I continue to believe President Obama’s December 17th announcement calling on our countries to improve relations – something I’ve advocated for many years – was historic and long overdue. Our new policy will improve the quality of life for Cubans and allow Americans to more freely travel and ultimately do business with the island.

Our delegation met with Cuban government officials, members of Cuban civil society, Catholic Cardinal Jaime Ortega and ambassadors from other countries who serve in Cuba. Our discussions were candid and our topics of conversation included human rights; removing Cuba from the U.S. “terrorist list” (a list they do not belong on); the formal establishment of embassies in Havana and Washington; Congressional action to lift the economic embargo; and future commerce between our two countries.

It’s time for a more mature relationship between our countries. The old approach – of confrontation and accusations – has failed miserably. We must support the Obama administration and the Cuban government to continue to make progress. There are hardliners in both our countries who want to derail any progress and seem to be nostalgic for the Cold War.

I would urge you to support those in Congress who embrace a new approach of engagement and reconciliation.

Thank you for your support,

Paid for by the Re-Elect McGovern Committee.

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