The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose

The Washington Post has the article The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose by Elizabeth Warren.

Giving foreign corporations special rights to challenge our laws outside of our legal system would be a bad deal. If a final TPP agreement includes Investor-State Dispute Settlement, the only winners will be multinational corporations.

This article and the Obama administration’s disingenuous (being charitable here) response was the subject of my previous post The Administration’s Dishonest Response to Elizabeth Warren’s Attack on Secret Investor Arbitration Panels in Trade Deals.

I want to re-emphasize the point I made in the previous post that these “trade” agreements are making our court system irrelevant.  In particular, the argument that electing any Democrat as President in 2016 over a Republican is important because of the President’s power to nominate Supreme Court justices is a specious argument when we are talking about Hillary Clinton as the potential Democratic nominee.

Coincidentally, after making this point I ran across a video that I put into another previous post Elizabeth Warren Asked About Hillary Clinton & It’s Devastating.

How many ways do you have to be told that Hillary Clinton is from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party?  If you are from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, then Hillary is not for you.

Having voted for President Obama twice, my eyes are becoming fully open to the danger of electing a Democrat who isn’t entirely committed to progressive principles.  Over the past 7 years of the Obama administration, I have been rejecting the meme that Obama is our liar in chief.  His dishonest attempt to sell us on TPP has made me finally wake up to the truth about Obama.  To make matters worse, the few things he did get right can all be overturned by actions against the government brought by investors newly empowered by the TPP.

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