Kerry teaches Rubio the basics about the Middle East

MSNBC has the article Kerry teaches Rubio the basics about the Middle East by Steve Benen

At the recent CPAC gathering, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a likely Republican presidential candidate, seemed to stumble on one of the basic facts of the Middle East. “The reason Obama hasn’t put in place a military strategy to defeat ISIS is because he doesn’t want to upset Iran,” the Florida Republican said.

The senator seemed confused. In reality, President Obama has put an anti-ISIS military strategy in place, and that’s fine with Iran, since Iran and ISIS are enemies.

Now you may or may not want to hear an opinion from Steve Benen, but the video with Kerry is eye opening for anyone who still has eyelid muscles that can open their eyes.

One wonders if any Republican in Congress is capable of seeing and listening. I certainly have my doubts about anything getting beyond Rubio’s preconceived notions.

Beyond racism, what people really don’t like about Obama is that he knows more about what is going on than they do. He was even smart enough to finally rid himself of the war mongering Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and get someone like John Kerry. (Not that Kerry doesn’t have to play up a little to the war mongers in our country.)

By, the way, this YouTube video ought to work because I am not using the usual cookie suppressing mode that YouTube has recently broken and has promised that they are feverishly trying to fix.

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