The Boston Globe Ignores The Rhinoceros

The Boston Globe does it yet again in the piece Opinion: How to fix the T.

However, the state’s anti-privatization Pacheco Law, passed in 1993, has rendered it very difficult to pursue further savings by contracting out.

To which, I responded in a comment:

The Boston Globe is pretty adamant that they will try to ignore the rhinoceros in the room no matter how strongly its readers are pointing to it.  Despite twice posting a link to the article “The Boston Globe Covers Up for Wall Street, Ignores Swaps Losses in Coverage of MBTA Turmoil” as comments on two letters yesterday, The Globe still likes to pretend that there was no Wall Street rip-off.  Instead they blame the employees, the pensions, and the Pacheco Law.  Is the Wall Street rip-off an example of what we could achieve if we could only do some more privatization?  I didn’t realize that John Henry’s purchase of The Boston Globe would turn long-time Globe columnists into shills for Wall Street.

Here is a reflection of the above article posted on my blog:

In that previous post, I quote the underlying article as saying.

Particularly if you are in Massachusetts, please call or e-mail the Globe’s managing editor for news, Christine Chinlund and tell her the Globe is showing bias by ignoring the role of Big Finance in the MBTA’s tsuris.

Chinlund’s e-mail is: and her phone is 617 929-3134.

I finally listened to the advice I had published for others to take, and sent Chinlund an email.

I thought I had this covered by yesterday’s post, Boston Globe Ignores Its Own Culpability In Misleading About the MBTA.  Apparently it is going to take a more concerted effort to get The Boston Globe to take an ethical stand and print the information it would rather cover up.

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