Hillary’s trade dilemma

Politico has the story Hillary’s trade dilemma.

Union groups, including the AFL-CIO labor federation, also have deep concerns about the prospective trade pact with Japan and 10 other countries in the Asia-Pacific that, along with the United States, represent more than 40 percent of world gross domestic product. They fear the deal will encourage companies to move more jobs overseas, suppressing wages in the United States.

Clinton, as Obama’s secretary of state, is closely associated with the agreement, which could grow to cover 21 economies in the region, including China. “Our hope is that a TPP agreement with high standards can serve as a benchmark for future agreements — and grow to serve as a platform for broader regional interaction and eventually a free trade area of the Asia-Pacific,” she wrote in October 2011.

This article is a good description of one of the reasons that I would never vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

The excerpt above is also a good example of how Politico mischaracterizes the opposition to TPP. If you search for all the mentions of TPP on my blog, I don’t think you will find me worrying about the jobs shipped overseas.  My main concern is that TPP gives international corporations the right to overturn our laws without having to go before our legislature or even our Supreme Court.  Doesn’t that seem to be a bigger issue to fight against than even sending jobs overseas?

Of course, there is also the issue of giving “Big Pharma” unfair monopoly protection for their “patented” drugs and using the guise of the seemingly admirable goal of “protecting intellectual property.”  If intellectual dishonesty is one of the intellectual properties that President Obama is trying to protect, then he is doing a good job.

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