Senator Elizabeth Warren: GOP Should Fund NIH Research, Not Just Talk About It

Senator Elizabeth Warren has posted the video on YouTube.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Q&A at a March 24, 2014 HELP Committee Hearing titled “Continuing America’s Leadership: Advancing Research and Development for Patients.” More information about the hearing is available at Full Committee Hearing – Continuing America’s Leadership: Advancing Research and Development for Patients

On Facebook, Senator Warren posted the following introduction:

It’s time for Congress to stop just talking about increasing NIH funding, and start doing something about it. Watch today’s HELP Committee hearing with four medical innovation experts, explaining what NIH funding does for our health, our economy, and our future.

Of course Facebook is up to its old tricks of pretending the video does not come from YouTube. This pretense is the epitome of unfair use, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves. At least I have a higher standard of ethics.

The obvious question seems to be, “Why do the Republicans hate America so much?” They seem to be doing everything they can to knock us out of our current preeminent position in the world.

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