Ending the Retirement Savings Drain and Improving Economic Security

Senator Elizabeth Warren posted the video Ending the Retirement Savings Drain and Improving Economic Security on Facebook.  This was her introduction starting off with a quote from one of the witnesses.

“I felt like a frog in a pot of water. I didn’t realize I was getting cooked until it was too late.”

Watch this clip from yesterday’s Middle Class Prosperity Project forum, describing why outdated laws and loopholes make it perfectly legal for some financial advisers to take kickbacks and increase their own incomes by pushing clients into lousy retirement products. That’s a rigged system and it’s time for a change.

The video above is from YouTube.

Not only is she taking this testimony with an eye on what legislation might be needed, but she is also performing a valuable service by warning vulnerable people what to watch out for.

Would you rather have a President like this, or one who was great friends with the type of people who create corporations that are set up to bilk the public? If you don’t understand who I am referring to, someone really needs to educate you before you vote in the next Presidential primary and election. You could end up being a victim from two directions.

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