Sanders budget measure fails, but Senate Democrats had his back

The Daily Kos has the article Sanders budget measure fails, but Senate Democrats had his back.  They have some very wise things to say about the reason the unanimous support of Democrats was important.

More votes like today’s in the Senate is good, because it proves that ideas like eliminating tax loopholes to rebuild our infrastructure are popular. But roll-call votes where many Democrats defect and join Republicans only make it harder for us to build progressive political power.

If you read this blog, then you know the first sentence in the quote has problems.  The problem in the quote is even more explicit in a caption to a picture in the article:

Senator Bernie Sanders got all Democrats voting today to support a budget amendment that would fix our crumbling infrastructure by cutting absurd tax breaks for the wealthy.

You probably know what’s coming next.  I posted a comment on this article Can We Please Tell The Truth About The Deficit?

I applaud Bernie Sanders and The Daily Kos for their efforts.  In fact I am already a supporter of Sanders For President.

However, I have asked a favor from Sanders, and now I ask it of The Daily Kos.  Please stop selling the myth of the oligarchs (and their Republican flunkies) that increased government spending in one area must be offset by either raising taxes or cutting spending elsewhere.

The U.S. federal government makes the only official money of this country.  It is a fiat money, which means it is mostly created by a few computer keystrokes at the Fed.  There is no possible way for the federal government to run out of its own money.

We need to make Federal government budgets and programs that promote the health and welfare of the economy and all the citizens.  If we meet this goal, the deficit and debt are irrelevant.  Whatever the debt and deficit may be, the primary measure is the health of the economy and the financial health of all its citizens.  Low to zero deficit and a sick economy is nothing to strive for.

The real reason to have high marginal tax rates on the wealthy is to keep them from accumulating wealth to such a degree that all they can do with it is to inflate economic bubbles, whose inevitable bursting drowns the middle and lower classes.  This accumulation is exactly the cause of the economic crash of 2009.  The necessary changes not having been made since then, another bubble and bust is brewing right now.  This is what we need to take action to prevent.

What we need to promote is investing in this country’s future.  We need to maintain the infrastructure that makes us economically productive.  We need to invest in Government research that makes most of the private innovation possible.  We need to educate our citizens so that they can be the workers that will keep this economy strong, and so that they will be able to run a democracy.

Progressive’s promoting the oligarch’s myths may serve some short-term, progressive political goal, but, in the long term, we will rue the day we weren’t honest about how things actually work.

We may rue the day in some unforeseen way for not telling the truth, but more importantly, the truth is a more powerful explanation of why we need to do the things we progressives are promoting.  The truth cuts the knees out from under the Republicans’ rebuttals.

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