The GOP budget would gut Wall Street regulation

Elizabeth Warren has the Facebook post The GOP budget would gut Wall Street regulation.

The Republican budget resolution we’ll vote on tonight would weaken the rules on Wall Street and raises the risk of another financial crisis – all so the big banks can rake in more money. My message to the Republicans and their Wall Street friends is this: We know what you’re up to. We’re watching. And we’re ready to fight.

The video in that post is also available from YouTube as shown below.

Senator Elizabeth Warren joined Senators Jeff Merkley and Al Franken to discuss the GOP’s budget resolution, which would weaken the Dodd-Frank financial regulations and gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In the YouTube comments on the video, there is one person who is so sure of her misconceptions about money in the US, that it is just laughable. (Several more comments have appeared since I wrote the previous sentence. Many are equally laughable.)

One of the most important things I like about Elizabeth Warren is her demonstration of her belief in the idea that “ordinary” morals apply in the political sphere. In fact, recognizing when a policy is wrong, comes from recognizing its deviation from “ordinary” morals. Too many of this country’s worst policies come from “elite” people and “elite” politicians not recognizing this simple truth, Hillary.

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