The Fifth Reading of Exodus

According to the WikiPedia article Bo (parsha).

This article is about Judaism’s weekly Torah portion on the parashah of “Bo”
Fifth reading — Exodus 12:21–28

In the short fifth reading (עליה, aliyah), Moses instructed the elders of Israel to kill their Passover lambs, paint their doorways with the lamb’s blood, and remain inside their houses until the morning. For God would smite the Egyptians, but when God saw the blood on the lintel, God would pass over the house and not allow “the Destroyer” to come into that house. The Israelites were to observe the Passover service for all time, and when their children would ask what the service means, they were to say that it commemorated the time when God passed over the Israelites’ houses when God smote the Egyptians. ‘ And the people bowed the head and worshipped. And the Israelites did as God commanded Moses and Aaron. The fifth reading (עליה, aliyah) and a closed portion (סתומה, setumah) end here.

As a reader of modern history and current events, I got to thinking of how one might interpret this passage. I leave it up to you to do your own thinking on this subject.

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