Cruz abandons subtlety with theocentric pitch

The Rachel Maddow Show blog has the story Cruz abandons subtlety with theocentric pitch.

It stands to reason that far-right candidates running in a crowded GOP field are going to take every opportunity to appeal to far-right social conservatives, but if Cruz’s over-the-top commercial is the opening salvo, I shudder to think just how theocratic Republican messaging will become by, say, October, with several candidates trying to outdo each other.

I added the comment:

Instead of calling them “far-right social conservatives”, why not just call them what they are, “the American Taliban”?

Another comment started with:

Well, now the christianists have someone they can rally around and present a united front.

Some people worry about the imposition of Sharia law in the USA, see my previous post Mayor takes stand against Muslim Shariah courts.  I am not worried that some people in the US would voluntarily submit to arbitration before a panel of Muslims or a panel of Jews, or even a panel of Priests.  I am worried about having mandatory Christianist law in the USA.

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