Is Elizabeth Warren running?

I just received an email from Mark Crain, Political Action.

Every interview she does, everywhere she speaks, Elizabeth Warren hears the same question: Are you running for President of the United States?
So we put together this tongue-in-cheek site that’s a one stop shop for anyone wondering: Is Elizabeth Warren running?

Check out today to find out if Senator Warren’s in the race. You might be surprised by what you find!

This humorous website is the kind of thing people might email to friends or share on Facebook. And, as you’ll see, it helps tell a broader story about how well-positioned she is to run and what real-world results this campaign urging her to run has already achieved.

I have turned my focus to a candidate who says he would run if he felt he could mount a serious campaign. That other candidate is Bernie Sanders. I don’t want to spend all my efforts on trying to draft someone who says she does not want to run.

I wouldn’t mind if they both ran for the nomination. I could accept either one as the eventual nominee.

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