Capitalism’s Defender Unknowingly Indicts the Banksters

New Economic Perspectives has the article Capitalism’s Defender Unknowingly Indicts the Banksters by William K. Blank.  If you need a refresher course in what I mean when I talk about bank fraud by the CEOs of major banks, this article might do.  I know you need a refresher course, because you are not paying any attention to my claim of the crookedness of Hillary Clinton.  These are her BFFs in the financial world, and she would rather you pay no attention to their criminal acts.  Since they are funding her campaign for the Presidency, she isn’t about to promise you that she will call for prosecution of their ongoing fraudulent behavior when she gets into office.

I know, she talks like a Democrat so you like to pretend that her craven acceptance of bribery isn’t as bad as the craven acceptance of bribery among the Republicans.  She throws you a few bones about issues like LGBT rights, women’s right, equal pay, environmental concerns, the Supreme Court as a way to keep you pacified.  If you buy that line, then you are also accepting craven bribery.

It is hard to figure out who is the greater threat to this country, the politicians who accept craven bribery or the voters who accept their own share of such bribery.  Perhaps the real moral failure of this country is the acceptance of bribery on all sides.  We can’t expect more from the politicians when the voters who elect them are just as bad.

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