Clinton endorses Elizabeth Warren for Time magazine

Reuters has the article Clinton endorses Elizabeth Warren for Time magazine. Now there is a headline that I bet you never expected to see.  While it is not true, as some Clinton supporters have said, that Warren endorses Clinton, the endorsement in the other direction may be true.  Though, Warren isn’t running for any position at Time magazine.

From the Reuters article:

“She never hesitates to hold powerful people’s feet to the fire: bankers, lobbyists, senior government officials and, yes, even presidential aspirants,” Clinton, the clear front-runner to win the Democratic nomination for president, wrote in an apparent wink to herself.

The article further goes on to say:

Warren has a relatively small but vocal and politically active group of supporters, and her speeches denouncing Wall Street recklessness have sometimes been swapped enthusiastically on social media websites.

In this vein, I can imagine a Reuters story about the subject of my previous post Einstein’s Universe Turns 100.

That Einstein fellow is remembered for a few good scientific ideas that he had.

That’s Reuters for you, masters of understatement.

Ok, here’s another whopper from the Reuters article:

It was not immediately clear on Thursday how Clinton came to write the blurb for Time about Warren.

Maybe if Reuters had given you the link to the Time Magazine article, The 100 Most Influential People, you might have had an inkling of how this blurb came to be.  Although Reuters did say the following:

“Elizabeth Warren never lets us forget that the work of taming Wall Street’s irresponsible risk taking and reforming our financial system is far from finished,” Clinton wrote in Time after the magazine named Warren, a former Harvard law professor and a senator for Massachusetts, one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

So why is Reuters so surprised at how Clinton came to write this?  Is it because they never thought to ask Clinton about her opinion of Warren as Time Magazine apparently did?

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