Jeb Bush Backs Hike in Social Security Retirement Age

Social Security Works posted this on their Facebook wall.

Jeb Bush Quote

When we have too much unemployment already  and too much pressure to keep wages down, the last thing we ought to be doing  is trying to prevent people from retiring as early as possible.  How oblivious to the consequences of our actions can one person be?

Social Security Works linked to the National Journal article Jeb Bush Backs Hike in Social Security Retirement Age.

At his appearance, Bush said America’s demographic realities would force changes both to Social Security and Medicare, which he called an even “bigger challenge.”

“We have to be cognizant of that and recognize that someone in their 30s is not going to get the benefits under their current situation,” he said of Social Security.

What Jeb (John Elias Bush) Bush wants you to ignore is that technological changes bringing on ever more rapid automation will trump demographic changes.  Future society will require much less physical work to provide for all the needs of the people on earth than is true of current society.  We will have to choose how to deal with this fact of life.  Do we turn this into a society where every one can have a decent standard of living while equitably sharing in the minimal amount of labor that is needed?  Or do we concentrate the wealth and the work in the hands of the few, because we can eliminate the income and wealth  of all the people that are not “needed”?

This is an important decision that we in society will have to make.  We cannot avoid it.  We see which way the oligarchs want the choice to be made.  Are you going to let them trick you into accepting their choice?

If you find my prediction hard to believe, just mull over the changes we have seen in going from an agricultural society to an industrial one, and soon to a post industrial one.  Fewer and fewer people have been able to produce more and more per hour worked.  Can you project this trend into various possible futures? Can you imagine how impossible it was for people in the old agricultural society to foresee where we are today?

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