President Obama Lies About Loretta Lynch

New economic Perspectives has the article Lanny Breuer’s Defense of Not Prosecuting HSBC and its Officers by William K. Black.

I have been researching the HSBC frauds for a column I am doing about Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney who refused to prosecute HSBC or any of its officers for the largest and most destructive money laundering and anti-terror finance sanctions-busting in history and continues to fail to do so even though her own appointed monitor at HSBC reports that HSBC is not complying with the sweetheart deal Lynch gifted them and even though she is now aware (of something she should have been well aware of for years) that senior HSBC officials continued to violate the laws to aid the wealthy and criminal evade taxes while HSBC’s lawyers were negotiating the sweetheart deal with Lynch about other mass felonies.

See the CNN article and video Obama rips Senate over Lynch nomination: ‘This is embarrassing’.  Speaking about Loretta Lynch, he describes her as

A woman who everybody agrees is qualified

So who is William K. Black, chopped liver? (As we used to say in my family.)  What’s with CNN not making any comment about this statement?  It looks like Obama is taking a page from the Koch brothers book, repeat the big lie loudly and often and who is going to question you?  He even has people like Bernie Sanders promoting the lie.  Rachel Maddow is promoting the lie.  And here I am (along with William K. Black) shouting “The emperor has no clothes”  Is anybody going to notice?  Have you taken notice?  Has Elizabeth Warren taken notice?

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