Bernie Sanders Highlights the Deep Dishonesty of President Obama

The Daily Kos has the article On TPP, Warren Shows Backbone, Fires Back At Obama; Watch Bernie Sanders, Too

If you want to know what is what, just watch the Sanders’ video below that the article points to.

Sanders’ spends the beginning of his talk completely debunking the arguments for many previous trade agreements foisted on us from President Bill Clinton on to President Obama.

He talks about the arguments given to us about normalization of trade with China. Besides his very good discussion I have to ask the obvious BS detector question of the proponents of the agreement.

If we’d rather have products from China because they are cheaper, why would the Chinese buy products from the US? Would they buy them because they are more expensive? Does that make any sense?

If a simple thought experiment like this gives the lie to the argument, then there had better be a damn good argument as to why the obvious is in fact not true.

Compare what Bernie Sanders’ has to say to Obama’s assurances as seen in my previous post Obama Says Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Wrong’ on Trade.

Look at Elizabeth Warren’s rebuttal as described in this previous post, Elizabeth Warren: I’m Not Wrong on TPP.

Now who are you going to believe, President Obama, or your own lying eyes?

Oh, by the way, imagine Hillary Clinton having the depth of knowledge to give a speech like this on this subject any time in the near future. (Remember all the qualifying nouns and adjectives in that sentence. Don’t give me any arguments that ignore those words.)

Will the Republicans, please, please go through with their threat and impeach this President? I am begging.

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