Senator Warren cites ‘rigged’ process in concerns on trade deal

Rachel Maddow has an interview with Elizabeth Warren about the TPP controversy.

Senator Elizabeth Warren explains to Rachel Maddow why she is reluctant to give fast track power to President Obama on a new trade deal, citing concerns that the crafting of the deal is ‘rigged,’ and insisting that the deal be made public first.

I have seen people wonder how the Senators could know what they are complaining about. Well, this should stop it. Elizabeth Warren says that she has read the TPP. So here’s the challenge Mr. President, if it’s such a good deal, let us see it. Otherwise, we just plain don’t believe you. The more you keep it hidden, the less we believe you. What you say about it is belied by your actions to keep it secret.

I notice that Rachel Maddow gives deserved credit to Bernie Sanders and others who are fighting this deal. As for the President and interpreting his mentioning only Elizabeth Warren by name, “Bernie who. Never heard of him.” He’ll even mention John Boner, but not Bernie Sanders. The trouble is that Bernie Sanders refuses to go away.

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