GOP opposition to Lynch was a missed opportunity

Aljazeera America has the article GOP opposition to Lynch was a missed opportunity by William K. Black.

Black lays out all the sordid details in one fairly compact article. He then concludes with the following:

Remarkably, the supposedly liberal New York Times and GOP leaders have something in common: Both refused to mention HSBC as a key reason for rejecting Lynch’s nomination. What the GOP’s embarrassingly self-destructive strategy for opposing Lynch proves is that even when the Republicans have the perfect opportunity to embarrass the Obama administration and highlight one of its largest scandals — the failure to prosecute a single bank officer who led the most destructive epidemics of financial fraud in history that caused our Great Recession — the Republicans refused, lest they upset their leading source of political contributions. The approval of the Lynch nomination demonstrates that bipartisanship does exist on Capitol Hill: when it favors the big banks and their lobbyists.

It is amazing how well The New York Times can make a huge scandal disappear before our very eyes. Must be some kind of magic.

Black does fail to give credit to Obama’s brilliant strategy. The one thing that the Republicans could have legitimately held against Loretta Lynch is the one topic the Republicans would most like to bury.

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