Robert Reich: Nike, Obama, and the Fiasco of the Trans Pacific Partnership

Robert Reich’s blog has the post Nike, Obama, and the Fiasco of the Trans Pacific Partnership. He concludes with the following:

No doubt Nike is supporting the TPP. It would allow Nike to import its Vietnamese and Malaysian-made goods more cheaply. But don’t expect those savings to translate into lower prices for American consumers. As it is, Nike spends less than $10 for every pair of $100-plus shoes it sells in the U.S.

Needless to say, the TPP wouldn’t require Nike to pay its Vietnamese workers more. Nikes’ workers are not paid enough to buy the shoes they make much less buy U.S. exported goods.

Nike may be the perfect example of life under TPP, but that is not a future many Americans would choose.

Along the way, he has facts and figures that refute the BS that you are hearing from President Obama.

Another thing he said is something that I should remember to emphasize in general, not just about Nike.

I’m not faulting Nike. Nike is only playing by the rules.

I’m faulting the rules.

Although, if Nike is using bribery to get the rules to be the way they want them, then I guess we would be justified in faulting Nike. So let me just apply this amnesty to innocent bystanders, like myself. I know how to play by the capitalist’s rule. I play by them to survive, but I didn’t vote to have the rules this way, and I would be happy to see them changed. If any other company or person has the same justification for playing by the rules they don’t like, then I don’t think their behavior is hypocritical.

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