U.S. settles ‘pay-for-delay’ fight with drugmaker Teva over Provigil

Reuters has the story U.S. settles ‘pay-for-delay’ fight with drugmaker Teva over Provigil.

igil by paying generic drug makers to drop their challenges to Cephalon’s patent.

This is often called a “pay-for-delay” agreement since the brand name drugmaker pays a generic maker to delay entering the market.
The FTC has fought pay for delay deals for more than 10 years. The agency has pushed for legislation to ban the patent agreements or make it easier for the FTC to challenge them.

This opposition got a boost when the Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that the FTC could pursue pay-for-delay drug cases as potentially illegal.

Well, it is about damn time that our government put a stop to this. I bet you thought that this kind of thing was plainly illegal because of anti-trust laws. Now you know how else the economy has been rigged against you for over 10 years.

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