Momentum turns against the Confederate battle flag

MSNBC has the amazing interview shown below. This is a segment of All In with Chris Hayes 6/23/15 where you can see what came before this interview at 12:10 into the episode.

Crooks and Liars has an article Jack Hunter, Former ‘Southern Avenger’, Repudiates Former Hateful Stance that quotes some of the article mentioned in the interview.

Speaking to Chris Hayes Tuesday, Hunter repeated these same points and went on to discuss his revulsion at the events in McKinney, Texas, where a policeman manhandled a 14-year old girl. From his column:

A 14-year-old black girl attending a pool party in McKinney, Texas, had been manhandled and thrown to the ground by a police officer. The girl had done nothing except talk. She was just standing there with other teenagers.

It was revolting to watch. I asked others to imagine it was their daughter.

The Daily Beast article mentioned in the interview and the Crooks and Liars article is The ‘Southern Avenger’ Repents: I Was Wrong About the Confederate Flag.

Thanks to Tangelia Sinclair-Moore for the post on her Facebook page. The video lived up to her promise.

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