Bernie Sanders Speaks With Katie Couric – Full Interview

Yahoo News podcast this – Bernie Sanders Speaks With Katie Couric – Full Interview. The previous link will take you to YouTube where you will find a list of the topics covered, and links directly into the segment where the issue is discussed.

This is a great interview in large part because Bernie Sanders knows how to handle questions. Katie Couric deserves a lot of credit, but she did have her moments when she kept pursuing an issue in a way that was meant to get Bernie Sanders to do negative campaigning. He steadfastly refused to take the bait, but he explained why he wouldn’t, and he did it in a way that was not offensive to Katie Couric.

This is an interview that you will want to keep track of because you may want to refer others to it. You can use a browser bookmark or some other means to avoid losing the link to this interview.

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