What You Need to Know About Backdoor Encryption

PC Magazine has the WebCast What You Need to Know About Backdoor Encryption.

FBI Director James Comey wants a backdoor into every encrypted communication in America, but most security experts think that is a really bad idea. PCMag’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Costa talk to Security Analyst Fahmida Rashid about the logical, ethical, and technical problems with creating back doors in security products.

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The two most damaging arguments against the back door are that the bad guys will eventually get the keys, and that other countries will want the keys or they will insist on their own back doors. Some countries might ban back doors. What happens to international trade when some countries insist on something while others forbid it? If you exempt international communications, then that is a back door for avoiding our back door. Supposedly the international communications are the ones the FBI most wants to read.

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