O’Malley and Sanders Heckled At Netroots Nation Convention

Netroots Nation has the video of the Presidential Town Hall.

The timings that I discuss below may not be accurate. The video had a lot of trouble keeping up with the audio. The audio ended at 56:43, but the video went on to 1:11:21. The video at the end got its sound back, and it started playing the audio that I had heard at 56:00.

If you want to find out about the protest, go to about 29 minutes into the video.

The spokesperson for the protesters, Tia Oso, gets on the stage at 30:57. She says the protesters need to acknowledge the people who have recently been killed by the police. She also introduces the hashtag #Blackroots.

One of the black executives with the Netroots group gets on stage at about 41:48. She tries to stop the protest, but the moderator has other plans.

Patrice, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter gets to speak, and ask a question a few minutes later. Part of what she said is that she doesn’t want to hear what the candidates have done in the past. She wants to here concrete plans for what they are going to do now. She wants to hear an action plan. O’Malley gets to speak again at 46 minutes into the video. rs won’t let him speak. At 47:40, O’Malley gets forced back on track. He will release a criminal justice reform package. All lives matter derailed him again. At 48 O’Malley leaves the stage.

At 51:11 Bernie Sanders comes on stage. Moderator wants specifics, but Sanders wants to make some remarks first. At 52:17 he gets interrupted by an offstage microphone amplified voice, it was the moderator, asking about the immigration bill that was passed. Talking about free college tuition in answer to the moderators next question, low level protests continue.

The session ends at 56:43 of the audio, but the video continues on and tries to catch up.

In any event, Bernie Sanders handled the situation much better than I thought he would when he first started to talk. He wasn’t perfect, but he did answer the questions, and didn’t try to evade them.

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