Give Martin O’Malley His Due

I have shortchanged Martin O’Malley in the controversy over the protesters at the Netroots Nation Convention. My previous post O’Malley and Sanders Heckled At Netroots Nation Convention has the full video of the session.

In my rush to get to the controversial part, I completely missed the beginning and the interview with Martin O’Malley. This occurs within the first 25 minutes of the video.

What Martin O’Malley had to say was quite good. In some ways, it actually answered some of the questions that were to come from the protesters.

I don’t know enough about Martin O’Malley’s record to be able to attest to the information he gave us. However, based on the words alone, it sounded quite good.

I think I am finally getting his offhanded reference to Michael Dukakis. It seems to me that the law-enforcement initiatives that Martin O’Malley took as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland echo what Michael Dukakis did in his first term as Governor of Massachusetts. Dukakis and O’Malley both cracked down on the repeat offenders, as these were the people responsible for most of the crime. I wonder if the people of Maryland or his detractors there frequently compared him to Michael Dukakis as a form of putdown.

Martin O’Malley might make an excellent Vice Presidential running-mate for Bernie Sanders. We would have two people with very similar ideas, but O’Malley would bring some North/South balance and some age balance. If people are afraid that because of his age, Bernie Sanders might not complete his terms, they could feel reassured that a younger person was right behind him, ready to step into his shoes, if necessary.

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