Stop laughing at Donald Trump

The Washington Post has the article Stop laughing at Donald Trump.

I have been saying for a few days now, that the more the lame stream press castigates Trump, the more his numbers will go up. I use the boyfriend/girlfriend syndrome as the reason. As a parent, if you disparage the boyfriend or girlfriend of you child, that will only make the child cling all the harder to the boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Washington Post article has an even better reason, and ends with this possible suggestion.

Republicans especially need to stop laughing. Their upcoming debates should challenge, not ignore, the unfocused fears of immigration and national diversity raised by Trump and like-minded candidates, and instead present a more nuanced and realistic view of the future, in which the national economy will depend on investment in today’s children and racial minorities. While they are not yet the force on Election Day that they will be in the foreseeable future, racial minorities will represent all of the growth in our labor force for the next 20 years, and their success will translate into economic prosperity and future contributions to Social Security and Medicare. Trump happily appeals to older, more conservative white baby boomers and seniors, but he could do them a favor by showing them the role that our diverse younger generations — many with immigrant roots — will play in our future. Vilifying them cannot be a lasting political strategy for tomorrow. And it cannot be a working national philosophy today.

As far as Trump goes, if his focus is on the 2016 election, he doesn’t care about a lasting political strategy for the distant tomorrows. However, pointing out that seniors’ near term future may depend on the success of the people that they fear, perhaps someone could get their attention. The seniors need to be shown that the seniors should be helping these “minority” groups succeed, because the seniors’ welfare depends on it. Of course, the fact that such help is morally and humanely the correct thing to do should add to the luster of doing the right thing.

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