Racially fraught legacy where Sandra Bland died

MSNBC has the article Racially fraught legacy where Sandra Bland died.

But the story of the public’s mistrust goes beyond personal details of Bland’s life and further back in time than when the circumstances of her untimely death began with a routine traffic stop. Appealing to a community skeptical of the official account of Bland’s death as a suicide, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis acknowledged this week the root behind palpable lack of trust behind the investigation.

Not only skeptical about the authorities there in Texas, but also about all the “journalists” who write about this story.

I have a few questions about this incident that I have not seen answered in any of the stories. Admittedly, I have not read all the stories.

What was Bland doing in jail three days after the minor traffic infraction? I think I recall reading that she had a high bail that she could not meet. I think the sum was $5,000. Who was it that set a bail of $5,000 for a minor traffic infraction? What does this person have to say about setting that bail? Who was the public defender who represented Bland at the bail hearing? Was there a public defender? Where are the videos of the three days she was held captive? What was her treatment like? Why would a jail use a large trash receptacle in a jail cell that would use a trash bag so large that it could be used for suicide? This is not the first prisoner who ever used such a trash bag to commit “suicide”. Why wasn’t the sheriff’s office more aware of this history? Or were they completely aware of this history? Who are all the people that Bland came in contact with after she was arrested? What contacts was Bland allowed to make to help her seek her freedom? What was she told that would make her situation look so hopeless to her that she might commit suicide?

Aren’t there any reporters who are interested in asking these questions? If they have asked these questions, but have been stonewalled, wouldn’t they want to report this very fact? Where are the editors of news outlets who wonder why these questions have not been asked? Where is the public who should be outraged that these questions have not been asked, and answered? Where are the Presidential candidates who want to know these answers?

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