Why the large, hang yourself garbage bag?

Apparently The Daily Kos published the blog post, From Yesterday’s NYT: Sandra Bland Prosecutor Inadvertenly Shows His Cards on Friday, July 24.

Why the “paper of record” failed to note the completely obvious factual misstatement by the DA regarding the time it takes for trace marijuana to leave the system is confounding but hardly surprising these days. The propensity for MJ to hang in the bloodstream for much longer than other drugs is general knowledge, not something on the cutting edge of medical science that has yet to be determined for crissake.

I left the comment titled Why the large, hang yourself garbage bag?

Why did the Sheriff’s department deploy a garbage bag in her cell that was big enough to hang herself with? What did they expect her to have with her in her cell that would have filled up such a large receptacle on a daily basis?

Do they place such bags in all cells, or just the ones where the detainee needs to be hanged?

Where is the video of all the traffic by her cell for the three days she was held? Who is saving these records for safe keeping?

Where are the “journalists” asking these questions? Where are the public and the politicians asking these questions of the authorities, the US “justice” department, and the “journalists”?

We just cannot let them get away with this, this time.

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