Sandra Bland’s death in police custody puts spotlight on Texas jail standards

The Guardian has the article Sandra Bland’s death in police custody puts spotlight on Texas jail standards.

Last week the Sheriff’s office said in a statement: “All plastic trash liners have been removed from all cells in the Waller County Jail, pending further direction from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. The two deficiencies noted by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards… are being corrected and all inmates are monitored hourly for face-to-face observation.”

Apparently you don’t have to be an expert to know that large trash liners do not belong in jail cells. See my previous post Why the large, hang yourself garbage bag?

There are more jail videos that have been made available. The Guardian article leads to a video of Sandra Bland’s booking. I have not been able to view some of the other videos that claim to have been posted. The one you can view on The Guardian web site is in the article More Sandra Bland jail footage released by Texas authorities.

Judge says move is partially in response to conspiracy theories about her death

Footage shows Bland arriving, being questioned and having mugshot taken

Yes, of course the judge is going to choose to show you the videos that seem to refute the charges against the authorities. If there are videos incriminating the authorities, you can be pretty sure that they would not choose to show you those. Until a truly independent agency is allowed to view all the unedited videos, the few that are released prove almost nothing.

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