The Difference Between Private and Public Morality

Robert Reich has posted his 2012 essay The Difference Between Private and Public Morality on his Facebook timeline. The introduction to the recent post is

The Republican attacks on a woman’s right to choose once again confuse private morality with public morality. The Republican concept of morality centers on bedrooms rather than boardrooms. They fixate on the most intimate decisions people make about their own personal lives, and ignore the abuses of power emanating from large corporations and Wall Street. Yet public morality is the crisis of our time, not private morality. Public morality is all of our business. Private morality is not.

The closing remark in the original essay is

It’s time once again to save capitalism from its own excesses – and to base a new era of reform on public morality and common sense.

One of these times when it may seem we need to come to the rescue of capitalism again, more people might start to wonder why we bother.

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