Bernie Sanders Takes on Clinton Welfare Legacy as He Woos Iowa Unions

Bloomberg News has the article Bernie Sanders Takes on Clinton Welfare Legacy as He Woos Iowa Unions.

In an(sic) phone interview Thursday with Bloomberg, the Democratic presidential candidate said that history will not look kindly on the 1996 overhaul of the New Deal anti-poverty program, which then-President Bill Clinton enacted over the objections of many liberal Democrats, including Sanders, who was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time. Sanders’ chief rival for the Democratic nomination, front-runner Hillary Clinton, wrote in her 2003 book, Living History, that she supported the bill, despite some concerns, because she “felt, on balance, that this was a historic opportunity to change a system oriented toward dependence to one that encouraged independence.”
In his own book in 1997, Sanders called the bill “the grand slam of scapegoating legislation…” Now a U.S. senator from Vermont, he doubled down on that assessment in his interview with Bloomberg. “I think that history will suggest that that legislation has not worked terribly well,” he said, arguing that too many politicians would rather target the poor than poverty.

How could the Clintons be so shortsighted to put life-time limits on welfare while the economy was booming, and give not a hint of thought as to what people would do in an economic downturn, let alone a crash?

There were many of us Democrats at the time, including Bernie Sanders, who were shouting this message at the Clintons as best we could, yet they would not listen.

Many of the same advisers that advised Bill Clinton on this issue are still advising Hillary Clinton. This is one of those issues that she still refuses to accept the responsibility for the damage it has done.

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