Sandra Bland Was Arrested Because She Failed the “Attitude Test”

attn has the article Sandra Bland Was Arrested Because She Failed the “Attitude Test”.

White people in the suburbs as they go about their business don’t get stopped, or maybe they’d understand this.

But people get tired. That’s one of the reasons we get these failures of the “attitude test”—it happens when people are done. They’re like, “Again? Really? I don’t get to go to the store? I don’t get to walk my kid to school? I don’t get to live in the world that everybody else lives in in a normal way without getting harassed, without getting hassled, without getting searched?” And you can be nice 364 days of the year and have one bad day, and you go to jail. Or you die. Because people just get tired. That’s what I see with clients. They’re just tired. They’re tired of it. And it’s like, how much more can you expect?

Consider how sick and tired you have to be to risk death. Have you ever been that sick and tired of something?

The whole article is something that the white fans of Bernie Sanders need to understand. I have taken the attitude test myself on a few occasions. Usually I start with the attitude that I am going to pass it with flying colors when there is the slightest possibility that I have actually done something wrong. I never fail it. On an occasion or two, under slightly better circumstances, I have played with taking the test. However, I always sense when it is time to stop pushing the boundaries. That’s called white privilege.

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